• almost all components starting from some 0.7 beta SDK still work, though recompilation with new SDK is recommended to take advantage of new features
  • "open" dialog now lists supported file types
  • file modification time tracking, goodbye "reload file info"
  • file size tracking
  • new menu item config, massively improved menu system
  • improved matroska component (fully extendable through third-party components, improved speed, etc)
  • fixed UI glitch in masstagger
  • masstagger scripts can be now exported to files
  • new diskwriter
  • new albumlist
  • replaygain shows total progress
  • toolbar menu now completely fakes regular menu behaviors
  • found a way to get rid of dreaded beep when pressing alt+key
  • various minor UI tweaks, improved playlist tabs
  • fixed multimedia keys displayed in shortcuts page
  • AIFF input fixes
  • FLAC input fixes
  • SDK side change: all uppercase/lowercase character conversion had to be moved to utf8api, some string8 methods are missing (replaced with utf8api functions)
  • new icons, thanks to picmixer
  • improved drag&drop support, thanks to foosion
  • improved commandline handling (wildcards, relative paths, etc)
  • integrated commandline tagger in foo_masstag.dll, run foobar2000 /tag:help for info