foobar2000 version 0.7.4

  • removed exception handling introduced in 0.7 - big, bloated, attempts to recover process after a crash only lead to more mess and corrupted configuration files
  • added new crash info report generator
  • option to write id3v1+id3v2 tags
  • improved "fix mp3 header" feature, now more compatible with other players
  • %_masstagger_index% in masstagger titleformatting-based commands
  • added "guess value from other fields" in masstagger
  • "close this window when done" checkbox in masstagger
  • nominal bitrate in vorbis file info
  • added some new playlist-related menu/shortcut commands
  • added "save all" button in preferences dialog
  • button to sort keyboard shortcut commands
  • menu commands to change replaygain modes
  • updated vorbis code to 1.0.1
  • support for internal cuesheets stored in 'cuesheet' field in monkeyaudio files
  • Ogg FLAC seeking and tagging support, improved FLAC error recovery
  • AAC/MP4 input bugfixes